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2009.11.26 09:07 개발관련

Spring Roo 1.0 RC3 부터는 Spring Security 3.0 RC1을 지원하고 있습니다. 즉 Spring3.0 RC1 의 특징을 살려서 설정을 할수 있다는 이야기가 되겠죠. 여기까지는 설정이나 개발에 문제가 일반적으로 없습니다. 하지만 Spring Flex( Spring BlazeDS Intergration)을 붙일려면 문제가 발생합니다. 바로 버전 호환성에 문제가 나옵니다. 아무레도 SpringFlex가 다른 프로젝트에 비해 지원이 약한듯 합니다.

현재 SpringFlex는 1.0.1 릴리즈 버전이 최신 버전입니다. 헌데 Spring Security 연동에서는 2.x 버전만 지원하고 있습니다. Security3.x 버전은 기능 뿐만 아니라, 패키지 구조가 많이 바뀌어서 관련된 참조가 모두 ClassNotFoundException 를 발생시킵니다.(이슈-FLEX65 참조) Roo에서는 Security3으로 스크립트가 빌드되고, SpringFlex에서는 Security3을 지원 안하고 참 거시기 하게 생겼습니다.

그래도 위대한 Spring 재단에서 조만간 지원하겠지 하며, 살펴보니 1.0.x 버전에서는 지원할 의사가 없고, 1.5.x에서나 지원 할것이라고 합니다. 1.5.x는 아직 JIRA엔 스케줄도 잡히지 않았습니다. 당분간 Spring Security3 은 사용할 엄두도 내지 말라는 소리가 되겠지요. 혹시나 해서 Spring BlazeDS Intergration1.5.0.CI-350  개발중인 통합 버전을 Maven에 빌드하여 돌려 봤는데, 역시나 아직 관련된 작업이 이루어 지지 않은것 같습니다.  1.5.0 M1 버전에 대한 예정은 내년 그러니까 2010년 1/4분기에나 볼수 있다고 합니다. OTL...

혹시나 저같이 둘을 어떻게 조합해보겠다고 용쓰시는 분이 있을까하여 써봤습니다. 현재는 Spring Roo1.0 RC4 + Spring Secutiry2.0.5 + Spring BlazeDS Intergration1.0.1 정도의 조합이 최선일듯 합니다.
posted by Max.
2009.09.28 15:36 개발관련
뒤늦게 배운 도둑질 날세는지 모른다고 했던가? 이번이 두번째 시도다. 이번엔 성공해야 할텐데. 메인 홈 페이지는 http://www.springsource.org/spring-flex 이다. 홈페이지엔 관련 뉴스, 메뉴얼, 각종 예제, 블로그글 등이 링크되어 있어 다양한 정보를 얻을수 있다. 물론 다운로드(http://www.springsource.org/node/1998) 링크도 있다.
(레퍼던스 문서가 PDF 링크는 되어 있는게 없다. Html문서에서 대충 감으로 사이트 URL를 쳐보니 PDF파일이 있다. http://static.springsource.org/spring-flex/docs/1.0.x/reference/pdf/spring-flex-reference.pdf  ^^*)

그런데 언제부터 Spring By Example 사이트가 직접 링크되는 일이 생겼을까? 관련 예제를 해당 사이트로 연결시켜 놓았는데 신기하다.( http://www.springbyexample.org/examples/simple-flex-webapp.html) 배워야 할께많군...


Changes in version 1.0.1.RELEASE (09.23.2009)
* The bundled Test Drive sample has undergone a good bit of general cleanup.  Most notably, it has been configured
to no longer run as the root web application, the naming conventions of the Spring configuration files has changed to
align with the conventions used in SpringSource Tool Suite project templates, and the Spring Security example has been
expanded to show how to take advantage of the extended functionality that the Spring Security integration provides over
the traditional BlazeDS security mechanisms.  See the specific Jira issues referenced below for further details.

* FLEX-59 - Set the 'source' property on RemotingDestinations to better support Adobe tooling
* FLEX-62 - Configure the testdrive sample to not be deployed as the root web application.
* FLEX-67 - Provide bundles that can wire to Spring 3
* FLEX-72 - Enhance the Spring Security demo to show more typical use cases
* FLEX-73 - Update the naming conventions used in the Test Drive sample to be consistent with STS project templates
* FLEX-74 - Refactor the Authentication translation logic from LoginMessageInterceptor into a re-usable utils class
* FLEX-75 - Add HttpFlexSession configuration to the sample app's web.xml to reduce confusion
* FLEX-76 - Add some further detail to the Security integration docs on configuration recommendations

Bug Fixes
* FLEX-60 - Direct dependence on xalan API causes unnecessary configuration problems
* FLEX-61 - Handle resource cleanup after MessageBroker startup failure.
* FLEX-64 - Flex bundle has a mandatory import for a spring integration package but declares the dependency as optional in its ivy.xml and pom.xml
* FLEX-69 - Exceptions thrown by java back to flex are not handled correctly by Spring BlazeDS integration
* FLEX-70 - Problems with message-broker services-config-path
* FLEX-77 - Spring Security session fixation protection integration not working when security is defined in a parent context

Changes in version 1.0.0.RELEASE (06.09.2009)
* Maven central compatible POMs will be mirrored to http://repo1.maven.org
* Marked Jackson and CGLib dependencies as required in ivy and pom configurations since they are almost always needed in practice
* Added documentation about using Spring MVC controllers alongside Spring BlazeDS Integration in the same application.

* FLEX-51 - Extract FlexMessage body for Spring Integration Message payload by default
* FLEX-55 - Map Flex Message id, timestamp, and timeToLive directly into Spring Integration Message
* FLEX-57 - Add tooling metadata to the XML config schema.
* FLEX-58 - Refactor the XML parsing subsystem to always use the ErrorReporter API to report configuration problems

Changes in version 1.0.0.RC2 (05.19.2009)
* The Test Drive samples are now included in the distribution and configured for use with Eclipse WTP
* Maven central compatible POMs have been published to the repository at http://maven.springframework.org/milestone/
* Minor revisions to the documentation including a new chapter on working with the test drive sample 

* FLEX-49 - @RemotingDestination should be able to be used on beans in the parent application context

Bug Fixes
* FLEX-37 - Flex schema missing from SpringFramework.org
* FLEX-46 - Spring Security's filter chain not being detected correctly
* FLEX-47 - Jackson is getting set as optional in the auto-generated pom.xml
* FLEX-48 - Multiple consumers created per JmsAdapter instance

Changes in version 1.0.0.RC1 (04.24.2009)
* Refactored destination management code to provide a common foundation for Remoting and Message destinations
* Complete messaging support for AMF, JMS, and Spring Integration messaging protocols.
* Annotation-based configuration support for remoting destinations
* Changed remote-service tag name to remoting-destination to be more consistent with BlazeDS nomenclature
* Integration tests now use Fluint instead of FlexUnit (with an eye towards running these tests in CI in the near future)
* Docs updated to cover all new features and reflect changes to existing features

New Features
* FLEX-12 - Allow MessageService destinations to be configured in a Spring WebApplicationContext
* FLEX-13 - Provide a JMSTemplate-based MessagingAdapter
* FLEX-17 - Exporting Beans as Flex Remoting Destination using annotations
* FLEX-18 - BlazeDS commons-logging integration
* FLEX-20 - Add messaging support based on Spring Integration
* FLEX-27 - Add support for messaging features to the flex configuration namespace
* FLEX-30 - Generic hook for catching exceptions and translating them into BlazeDS MessageExceptions
* FLEX-35 - Add GrantedAuthority[] from UserDetails on successful login result message
* FLEX-42 - Configure MessageService on demand if none exists

* FLEX-28 - Support for LiveCycle Data Services ES
* FLEX-33 - Add log to the FlexRemotingServiceExporter in order to see the destinations created in the messageBroker
* FLEX-37 - Allow order to be specified on the default handler mapping installed when using the namespace config
* FLEX-40 - Programmatic Configuration of MessageDestinationFactory
* FLEX-41 - Ensure proper integration with Spring Security when using Flex per-client authentication setting

Bug Fixes
* FLEX-22 - Session invalidation on login broken with BlazeDS in use
* FLEX-26 - JavaAdapters initialize method is not called
* FLEX-32 - SpringSecurityExceptions not always getting properly translated
* FLEX-38 - Ensure that @RemotingDestination annotation works with a bean with an @Autowired constructor.

Changes in version 1.0.0.M2 (03.04.2009)
* Updated reference manual to cover the new xml config namespace and security integration
* Added an xml config schema with complete documentation of all elements and attributes 
* Added an integration test module (only distributed in source form with the release) that uses FlexUnit

New Features
* FLEX-8 - Configure RemotingService on demand if none exists (i.e., there is no remoting-config.xml) 
* FLEX-10 - Add a <flex:> spring configuration namespace to further simplify configuration
* FLEX-11 - Integration with Spring Security
* FLEX-23 - Create a Spring Security based BlazeDS LoginCommand
* FLEX-24 - Provide an automatic SpringSecurityException to BlazeDS SecurityException translation mechanism 
* FLEX-25 - Add a mechanism for securing BlazeDS Endpoints similar to Spring Security's URL-based security

* FLEX-15 - Add a channel property to FlexRemotingServiceExporter

Bug Fixes
* FLEX-19 - FlexConfigurationManager should be configurable as a Spring bean
* FLEX-21 - FlexConfigurationManager.configurationPath shouldn't require slash (/)

Changes in version 1.0.0.M1 (12.15.2008)
* Performed an initial code drop at http://src.springframework.org/svn/spring-flex
* Organized project structure to use spring-build and create OSGi-ready build artifacts
* Added an initial draft of the reference manual

New Features
* Configure and bootstrap the BlazeDS MessageBroker as a Spring-managed object
* Allow Flex remoting messages to be routed to a Spring-managed MessageBroker through the DispatcherServlet
* Use Spring's ResourceLoader abstraction to load BlazeDS xml configuration files
* Support for exporting Spring beans for Flex remoting
* Specify included and excluded methods when exporting Spring beans for Flex remoting

posted by Max.
TAG BlazeDS, flex
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